Play it Forward Scholarships

MVM provides sliding-scale scholarships automatically for any family receiving free or reduced lunches through the public schools, or who are in the foster care system. MVM will not turn away any youth for financial reasons. Please email to obtain a scholarship form or discount code that best fits your circumstances, or to request a spot on the waiting list.

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MVM is committed to providing all youth with opportunities in music. The Play It Forward model is our way of making sure that happens. Our Play It Forward scholarship system means that when you pay for a lesson, you help someone else get a lesson. Or if you can’t afford classes or studio fees, call us anyway!


Sliding Scale Tuition Policy:

  • Youth receiving free or reduced lunch qualify for reduced or free tuition.
  • Tuition assistance is limited to one series of classes per child each quarter.
  • If your child is interested in more than one class per quarter, you may request a spot on our waiting list.
  • Classes are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.  The first five fully-paid tuitions, and the first five sliding-scale slots will be considered separately.