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Amazon Wish List:

Have you looked in your attic or basement lately?  We are always looking for instruments, such as:

Studio Equipment

MVM Studios is operational thanks to the loan of a few “nicer” microphones from MVM Staff. We need to upgrade our microphones with at least $5,000 in high(er)-end microphones. We could easily spend up $25,000 on specialized recording microphones, live sound (concert) microphones, sound dampening units, cables and misc. studio gear. In addition to seeking cash assistance, we are also seeking in-kind donations of any of the above gear.


Acoustic guitars, electric guitars and bass guitars in working order.


We are collecting a laptop arsenal that is being used to teach youth to create electronic music on free software.  After the programs, they can earn their own computers by volunteering 24 hours of their time at Free Geek.  Laptops do not have to be new but they need to work.  We cannot fix them.

Powered PA Speakers

We run almost every instrument in our classes through a mixing board and into a PA speaker (that way we can turn the music down, or up, with the flick of a switch!).  We are looking for powered speakers that are of a reasonable quality.

Other Items

Guitar stands, music stands, guitar strings, gig bags, drum sticks, headphones, and microphones.

How To Donate

Please contact our studio manager Luke via email at or phone at 541-941-1269 to schedule a time to drop off your donation at our studio space:

3520 SE Yamhill St
Portland, OR 97214