XRAY.FM Interview

December 4, 2017
Luke Hall

We think you will like this radio show, Group Therapy on XRAY featuring MVM Students/emerging performers on the PDX scene GEM Dynasty and BLK+IVY along with our Studio Manager, Luke Hall.

Shout out to some of our partners and/or other organizations mentioned in the interview from our cohort of arts and youth orgs: Live SetRock’n’Roll Camp for GirlsEthosFriends of NoiseMarrow PDXY.G.B Portland.

Thanks to André Middleton for having us all into your studio!

Click here to listen: https://xray.fm/broadcasts/20843

Listen to GEM Dynasty: https://soundcloud.com/dynasty797

Listen to BLK+IVY: https://soundcloud.com/blkivy

My Voice Music – MVM IX at the West End Ballroom, Oct. 14, 2017. Photo by Jason Quigley

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