Workshops & Special Programs

MVM Benefit 5_30_14

My Voice Music brings instruments, teachers, and engaging programs to your camp, after-school program, or other special event. Don’t believe it?! Each year we pack up our mobile studio and and enough instruments for thirty youth, and drive all the way out to Eastern Oregon as part of our amazing partnership with Caldera Arts to provide songwriting, recording and performance classes at their camp!

“My Voice Music was such a positive experience…In six weeks this group of kids, many who had never picked up an instrument, learned to play, wrote their own song and performed it to an audience of over 100 people…Who knows what confidence and new interest that experience will inspire. This was the safe kind of “risk-taking” that teenagers need and thrive from.”
Louis Cohen Manager of Programming Friends of the Children - Portland


These special camps and workshops can range from highly intensive 10 day camps in Eastern Oregon (like Caldera Arts for instance), to a one day event at a local school, a special concert, or a simple presentation. The point is, if you need something special to engage and inspire a group of people, My Voice Music has got something for you!

Other such partnerships have included:  SUN Schools; NW Kidney Kids Camp; Friends of the Children; PdxPopNow!; p:ear; SMYRC; Sound Roots School of Modern Music, Oregon ASK.

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Music Created by MVM Participants at Caldera Arts

Caldera 2012-01-01