Therapy Services

My Voice Music offers sliding-scale individual and family therapy in a private office at our studio space at 3520 SE Yamhill St in Portland. Sessions are accessible to all regardless of income or background.

To book a session please contact Monica at or (503) 358-0318.

Areas of special interest include but are not limited to:

Children • Adolescents • Couples • Families • Groups • Women’s Issues • LGBTQIA Issues • Sex Therapy • Chronic Illness & Disease • Attachment Injuries  Trauma  Grief  Depression  Anxiety  Anger • Bereavement & Loss

Therapy FAQ

We offer inclusive arts and systems therapy to everyone (individuals, couples, or families of all configurations) for a sliding-scale fee. It is uncommon for insurance panels to cover arts or family therapy, making it an inaccessible service for many. At MVM, we believe in accessibility and the power of music and art to create opportunities for growth and healing. Sessions often use creative art and music interventions to help clients process and explore emotions and experiences. Expressive Arts therapies are found to be especially helpful with young children, adolescents, folks who have a hard time expressing themselves with words, and folks who just don’t align with conventional talk therapy.
We offer a sliding-scale model starting at $10 a session for individuals and $20 a session for couples and families. We will work with you to determine how much you are able to pay for services. We do not accept insurance, but no one will be turned away for financial reasons.
We believe services should be inclusive and available to all regardless of income, insurance, or background. We will work with you to determine how much you are able to pay for services. Our sliding-scale model starts at $10 a session for individuals and $20 a session for couples and families. No one will be turned away for financial reasons.
Each session looks different and will be crafted to the unique needs and goals of each client. Creative interventions, such as art and music, may be explored and used during session, as well as talk therapy. It’s up to you, and your therapist, to figure out what works for you.
MVM therapy services are available to individuals, couples, and families of all ages, backgrounds, and configurations.
Therapy sessions are held in a private office located inside MVM Studios at 3520 SE Yamhill Street in Portland.
We do our best to provide days and times when you can book sessions when there is no other programming. If needed, you and your therapist may decide to book sessions during music programming hours.
Currently, we have one provider. Monica Metzler received her graduate training in counseling from Lewis & Clark and is a licensed Marriage, Child, and Family Therapist Intern in the state of Oregon. Since 2014, Monica has been with MVM, and runs many of our “music-in-therapy” groups in residential treatment centers. Monica specializes in Expressive Arts therapy with years of experience working with youth, couples, and families as a mentor, facilitator, and therapist-in-training. Read more about her below!
To schedule an appointment or initial consultation, please contact Monica at or (503) 358-0318.

Monica Metzler, MFT Licensed Therapist Intern

Since 2014 I’ve been with MVM as the Outreach Program Coordinator and Program Leader. I run many of the “Music-In-Therapy” (MIT) groups in residential treatment centers, where I work with youth who are recovering from trauma. I use music as a therapeutic tool to help folks transform difficult emotions and trauma into a positive and empowering experience. I believe process work, such as art and music, can lead to agency and a better sense of self through emotional and spiritual healing. At MVM, I’ve had the opportunity to develop and facilitate programs for many underserved populations including unaccompanied Latinx youth seeking refugee status in the U.S., youth and families in bereavement, and teenage girls recovering from commercial sexual exploitation.

I received my graduate training in counseling from Lewis & Clark and I’m a licensed Marriage, Child, and Family Therapist Intern in the State of Oregon. I specialize in Expressive Arts Therapy using music, art, and play therapy in conjunction with talk therapy. I have clinical experience working with individuals, couples, and families at Lewis & Clark Community Counseling Center, OHSU’s Novel Interventions in Children’s Health Care (NICH), and the Secure Children’s Inpatient Program (SCIP) at Trillium Family Services. I am committed to social justice and to working with underserved populations.

I’m also a life-long musician, performer, singer-songwriter, and producer with years of experience as a facilitator, advocate, and mentor to youth and families in the Portland community. I’ve worked for organizations including Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls, Ethos Music, Youth Music Project, and Children’s Cancer Association creating unique music programs for youth and families in crisis. I’m also a part of Spirit House Records- an indie record label for free spirits- where I continue to release music under, Forest Veil. My passions include songwriting, musical theatre, outdoor activities, biking, poetry, recording, and performing.

Therapist Philosophy

I believe that living in optimal health and well-being is possible for everyone, regardless of the trauma or pain you may be experiencing. I view you as someone who has powerful gifts to offer the world and all the tools within- to transform, heal, and empower yourself. As a therapist, I focus on resilience and strength-based practices with an emphasis on Expressive Arts. I often use art and music interventions to help clients process unresolved emotions and experiences.  I respect each individual’s autonomy, while also recognizing the dynamic ways that family systems, society, and culture shape us. I will assist you in finding your own solutions and working to shift negative behaviors that affect your relationship to self and to others. I highly value accepting who we are, exactly as we are, in the moment. Healing is a unique journey, and my role as a therapist is to support your process, by providing a safe space where you can confront pain and suffering, and learn new ways to cope and thrive. I often enhance therapy with a variety of techniques and perspectives, which may include, but are not limited to:

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 

• Narrative Therapy 

• Solutions-Focused Therapy 

• Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) 

• Family of Origin Relationships (Bowenism) 

• Mind/Body Connection – What is your body trying to tell you? 

• Expressive Arts Modalities (Music, Poetry, Drawing/Painting, etc) 

• Power Dynamics and Systems of Oppression and Privilege 

• Skills Training 

• Therapeutic Rituals 

• Radical Acceptance

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