The Voices of Their Community : Spring Student Performance

April 22, 2012

On a cloudy afternoon in late March, over a dozen students from My Voice Music’s spring programs gathered to put on a show that was nothing short of magical.

Youth, who varied in ages from 12 to 17 and populated a full spectrum of skill level, took to the stage and shared with friends, family, and the greater North Portland community the fruits of their creative labor.  From free-style rapping over composed beats to heart-felt wailing with guitars, the students poured themselves out to the audience and brought everything they had; and it was beautiful.

“It was an inspiring performance,” according to My Voice Music Founder/Director, Ian Mouser, who stated, “I was struck during this performance by the passion and conviction each student had regarding their music and their message.”

Local photographer and music fan, Paul Schmitke, reflected on the performance, saying: “…It was an afternoon to see how music is affecting my community in a positive way Coming from situations that would make the average teen just whine and complain, many of the students from MVM have channeled experiences or feelings into their music and lyrics that will bring tears to your eyes…they are the voices of their communities!”

The performance that was on March 25 was the first end-of-quarter performance that My Voice Music has done. But with the way that the students got over their nerves and fears, stepped up to a room full of people and shared their voice in such a powerful way, it most certainly will not be the last.

A special thank you to the students, their families, supporters, everyone who attended the performance, and, of course, Mississippi Pizza for being such gracious hosts – until next time!

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