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July 9, 2011

Songs From A Jam Session at p:ear

The link above is music that I was involved in making while jamming with youth at p:ear, a nonprofit organization that works with homeless and transitional youth.  (Please click the link and listen to it while you read the rest of this blog.)  It is on my mind as I just found out one of p:ear’s youth, also a musician, youth activist, and friend was attacked on the streets recently in what appears to be a hate crime. While I am not clear on the details of the incident, that person is on my mind and I am saddened by it.

Link to the story

I am continually blessed as I share musical experiences with youth in all circumstances. Sometimes I am their teacher and often they teach me. Many of the youth I work with are homeless, struggling with their mental health, in foster care, incarcerated or simply facing difficult circumstances. I see every day that they have something amazing to offer to this world despite their situation.

The music I am sharing today was created when I got together for a jam session with a two homeless youth about a year ago. We came from very different circumstances and did not know each other well, however through music we connected intimately during this session.

In my work, I experience music’s ability to connect people to each other in a powerful way and it’s capacity to help us express that which often can not be said. The sense of community and expression that music fosters is transformative. It helps us to heal, to cope and to see ourselves in new ways.

These songs are shared in the hope that we will remember to extend compassion to people no matter their place in life and strive to see the strengths and gifts that are within every person.

– Ian

PS:  The singer in this jam is amazing.  She has recorded countless hours of amazing songs.   She is the Bob Dylan of Soul.  If you want to sign her to a record deal, contact me and I will get her in touch with you : )

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Thanks for sharing this, Ian. I too am saddened by this crime. I’m more deeply saddened and troubled over the heartbreaking ways in which children and youth are abused, neglected, and often treated as disposable commodities by our society – and, worse yet, by their own parents!


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