MVM Supporter Spotlight – Pippa Arend

May 2, 2012
MVM would like to present our second Supporter Spotlight and introduce you to Pippa Arend, Director at p:ear.

Meet Pippa Arend!  – by Ian Mouser

“Shortly after My Voice Music was formed, I was introduced to Pippa,  p:ear co-founder.  After an initial meeting with Pippa, I understood that being close to her and the p:ear community would teach me volumes about the journey of founding and leading a non-profit youth organization.   P:ear became the first organization to partner with My Voice Music.  I have gleaned invaluable wisdom and advice while watching and interacting with Pippa and the p:ear community.

Pippa and p:ear have been crucial to MVM’s development.  They lent support as I created MVM’s first budgets, prepared grants, and hosted our first fundraising events.  They still provide guidance and a sense that, “yes this is work is difficult, but it can be done – and done well.”   The dedication of Pippa, and everyone leading p:ear, to their mission and this community is humbling and inspiring.   Their work reaches far beyond the walls of p:ear in Old Town.

I am very honored to introduce Pippa Arend as a My Voice Music Supporter – and can’t wait to attend p:ear’s 10th anniversary on May 12th.  Thanks Pippa…and p:ear!” – Ian, Founder/Director of MVM

Listen to Pippa Introduce the song, “The Beauty I See” from MVM’s 2011 Student Compilation Album, Today Is a New Day.  It was written by p:ear youth in My Voice Music’s jam sessions at p:ear:


1)     What do you do when you’re not helping MVM?
I’m the director at p:ear, which is a program for homeless and parentless youth that works through the tools of educational, artistic, recreational and mentoring programs.


2)     How’d you hear about MVM and how are you involved?  
Ian first approached p:ear as part of his research for starting MVM.  We recognized in him a kindred spirit, and were thrilled when he agreed to work with p:ear’s music program as part of the initial efforts to start his own nonprofit.  He worked with our youth for several years, and I’d like to think that p:ear provided a certain shelter for him as he refined his vision and created the foundation for MVM.


3)    Why did you decide to support My Voice Music?
MVM provides a targeted form of personal expression for the youth it serves.  I’ve seen and experienced first-hand the effect music has on people – music is the breath of life – and Ian has a passion that is uncompromising in his field.  He brings out the best in people.


4)     What was your first concert and favorite song there or by that artist?
My first concert was Sinead O’Connor at the Roseland Theater, then called the Starry Night. I love her entire first album.


5)     Do you play music yourself?  If so, what instrument/s?  If not, what would you most like to play?
I’m trying to learn to play the lyre.
6)    Do you have an inspirational song that helps you get through a hard day?
Brendan Perry’s “Utopia” from his new album, “Ark”: “I feel… greater than the sum of all my parts…”.  I also listen to Korn and Rihanna. Don’t tell anyone.


7)    If you could only take one album to an island, what would it be?
Cat Power, The Greatest or Sufjan Stephens, Illinoise – it’s a tie.


8)    Shout out (website, facebook, Twitter):
Facebook: pearmentor
Twitter: pearmentor


9) Why do you think people should get involved with MVM?
MVM is a uniquely skilled, attentive and passionate organization that is bringing music to young people.  Musicality allows voice.  Voice allows a sense of self-hood defined by the values and aesthetic sensibility of the individual.  This, in turn, allows the individual to find his/her place in the larger culture.


10) Anything else you’d like to add?
We have been proud to call MVM an ally and resource.  Thanks for this opportunity to talk about them!  I’d also love to encourage anyone who’s interested to attend our 10 year Anniversary Fundraising Dinner – P:ear Blossoms on Saturday, May 12, 2012 at 5:30pm at the Left Bank Annex.  We’ll be featuring performances by Y La Bamba and the NW Dance Project.

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