MVM Supporter Spotlight – Kathy Krisinski

June 14, 2012

Supporter Spotlight – Kathy Krisinski

“Kathy is a music loving artist with a passion for supporting art and giving back to her community.  She discovered MVM just one day before our 2nd Anniversary event.  She offered to donate some of her bath and body products to the event and to volunteer.  She has supported us ever since!  It can be very easy to attend an event, be moved, and then move on.   It is an honor to have supporters like Kathy who, not only get excited at a single event, but become an integral part of our community.  Thanks Kathy!”  – Ian Mouser, MVM Founder/Executive Director

1.) What do you do when you’re not helping promote MVM?  

I’m the founder of Ocean Child Indie Art, a website co-op promoting independent artists that make a change. I’m an artist myself and also make handmade all natural and organic bath and body products called Ocean Child Bath and Body.

2.) How’d you hear about MVM and how are you involved?

MVM was listed as an event in a newsletter I received. It sparked curiosity with my love of music and arts. When I read about what Ian , Karen and their volunteers and staff where doing I had to place a call. I asked to volunteer for the upcoming event I had just read about and if I could donate a basket of bath and body products. The event was their Anniversary party and while I was there, listening to the stories Ian and other volunteers told, made me very happy I made that call. It is a wonderful organization!

3.) Why did you decide to support My Voice Music?

I decided to support MVM because of the way I feel about people. Everyone has a certain gift and MVM is helping young adults and children to focus on their gifts and talent. MVM is helping these kids achieve this with positive energy through music.

4.) What was your first concert and favorite song there or by that artist?

The first concert was the first benefit event they had a few years ago. My favorite concert was just this past Holiday one at Mississippi Studios. I think all the kids were fantastic!

5.) Do you play music yourself? If so, what instrument/s? If not, what would you most like to play?

I finally just recently bought myself a mandolin. It is one of my favorite instruments besides piano. My dad played mandolin and learning to play an instrument is something that has been on my list for a very long time.  My daughter is the musician in our house, but I am ready to join her.

6.) Do you have an inspirational song that helps you get through a hard day?

My inspirational song that gets me through the day has always been Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds. I also listen to Railroad Earth’s Seven Story Mountain.

7.) If you could only take one album to an island, what would it be?

This was the hardest question of them all. I listen to so many different genres. It would be really difficult to decide. If iPod’s were alright to bring it would make it easier to bring a little of all my favorites. I guess if it came down to one album I would have to toss a coin The Band’s The Last Waltz  or The Beatles White Album. Love John Lennon and the name Ocean Child was picked many years ago when I started my bath and body product business from the lyrics to my favorite song “Julia” on that album.

8.) Shout out (website, facebook, Twitter):

My shout out would be my indie artist online co-op called Ocean Child Indie Art. It promotes the work of independent artist while making a change. Every artist on the website is donating part of the proceeds to their sales to Ocean Child Indie Art. In return we donate that money to various nonprofits. MVM will be one of the nonprofits among others that are in the plan to give to. This idea has been in the works for a long time and finally coming into fruition this year. Also please “like” The Ocean Child Indie Art page on Facebook. Thanks!

9.) Why do you think people should get involved with MVM?

I absolutely think people should get involved with MVM to volunteer. Making a change starts with helping our children and encouraging them. To have the support of someone believing in you is a powerful thing. It continues through out your life. It’s a positive cycle in the right direction. By volunteering, you are helping MVM help someone believe in themselves.

10.) Anything else you’d like to add?

It’s been really exciting to see how MVM has grown in the last few years and I know they will have continued success!

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