Rock Band Camps

July 17, 2012

Listen to some example songs from past Rock Band camps:

MVM Rock Camp

A fast-paced introduction to performance open to individuals with or without musical experience that explores what it takes to be in a Band!

Students may learn to play the drum-set, guitar, keyboards and sing while developing musical concepts of time, tone, pitch and rhythm. 

Participants work with experienced volunteers and staff in order to write their own song! Youth learn about the recording process while they record their own music with help from teachers and volunteers. 

Students are encouraged to use music and poetry to express themselves while jamming, singing and writing lyrics.  

They work together as a band to choose musical styles, instrumentation, lyrical content and while rehearsing and performing. 

My Voice Music Rock Camps are designed to be weekly or bi-weekly groups of four toten youth. 

We need just eight hours of instructional time to get the groups from start to performance! 

This time can be divided any way to fit our program partner’s needs. 

Each step of the program is used as a moment to teach and model social, emotional and academic skills such as working in a team, setting and accomplishing goals, expressing one’s self in a positive manner, and willingness to try new things.

Group schedules can be configured in many ways such as: 

   Eight – 60 minute weekly groups

   Six – 90 minute weekly groups (most popular)

   Four – 120 minute weekly groups

“Music is a powerful way to express your feelings and if you want to express yourself in music you can do that here. There is no limit.”  MVM Student

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