Music In Treatment Programs

July 18, 2012

Music In Treatment Programs

Drum circles, sing-alongs sessions and songwriting groups designed to celebrate the inherent therapeutic nature of music and the power of song and story.

Listen to some example songs from past Music in Treatment programs:

Music As Therapy Groups*

Our Music As Therapy program encourages youth to use music as a way to cope, express themselves and stay calm during difficult times.  Youth are encouraged to feel the music as they participate in drum circles that celebrate community and the individual’s role within it.   They practice non-verbal communication skills while listening to the group and creating rhythms of their own within context.  MVM facilitators lead sing-along groups using songs that have significant messages and ones that are just fun and silly.  These groups are typically 45 minutes long and work with 3 – 8 youth.

Songwriting/Recording Sessions

In addition to facilitating group sessions, My Voice Music helps individual youth to write their own songs based on their own experiences, fictionalized stories, or silly thoughts!  These groups are facilitated by a song-writer/music producer who helps youth to write their own lyrics and craft a song.  The youth and facilitator work together to write and record a song within the course of the session so the youth are left with a c.d. in their hands by the end of the class or session.

The Power of Your Voice

Lyric and Songwriting Sessions

Let My Voice Music come in and help youth write their own songs based on their own story!  This group is facilitated by a musician/song-writer who performs and describes a handful of songs to the class or group.  After performing, the facilitator helps youth to write their own song lyrics and performs the students’ songs.  Once student lyrics have been finished, the facilitator takes the students’ songs home, adds instrumentation and gives them back to the student’s on their own CD!  This group is best run in two sessions: a writing and music group, and a final presentation group.

*The term “therapy” references the intrinsic“therapeutic” elements of music in general.  These groups are not facilitated by clinicians.





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