Music Exposure Workshops

July 17, 2012

Music Exposure Workshops

Let My Voice Music take over your group or classroom for a couple a day your kids won’t soon forget!

Listen to some songs from the Music Exposure workshops:

 Hands On Music Groups

This group creates opportunities for youth to get hands-on music and performance experience in a very short amount of time.   During sessions designed to fit into school class periods (approximately forty five minutes), students are taught to play chords and melodies on guitars and keyboards.  They learn rhythms while working together in a drum circle focussing on group function (being in-sync with one another), following instruction and trying out new skills.  Groups can consist of six to thirty youth at a time depending on student developmental abilities and classroom requirements.  All instruments are provided by My Voice Music.

Lyric & Writing Clinic

Let My Voice Music come in and help your students  write their own songs based on their own experiences, fictionalized stories, or silly thoughts!  This clinic is facilitated by a musician/song-writer who performs and describes a handful of songs to the class or group.  After performing, the facilitator helps youth to write their own song lyrics and performs the students’ songs.  Once student lyrics have been finished, the facilitator takes the students’ songs home, adds instrumentation and gives them back to the student’s on their own CD!  This group is best run in two sessions: a writing and music group, and a final presentation group.






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