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“This program literally kept students in school…It became one of our most popular classes for many of our most challenging youth. My Voice Music truly empowers youth with knowledge and inspiration.”
Michelle Taylor Open Meadow HS
About In-School Classes

MVM’s In-School programs are accredited elective music classes occurring within the typical school day schedule.  These classes vary greatly in content, depending on each school’s particular goals and content needs, however, nearly every class is designed around our motto of Write, Record, Release.  This means every class we run, students write music, record it and “release” it through performance or online distribution.

Example Class Curriculums


Turning Poetry to Music

Students are guided through lyric writing in collaboration with guest musicians who work with students to turn their lyrics into a recorded song.

Rock Band and Hip Hop Classes

Hands-on music instruction meets team building as youth are guided in learning to play an instrument at a basic level, write a song, record it…then perform it!

Electronic Music Production & Golden Era Hip Hop

Youth learn to make beats and write rhymes with a purpose behind the message.

The Science of Sound

Teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through hands on music programs where K – 6th grade students write music that reinforces learned knowledge, fosters phonetic learning, explores the mechanics of instruments and asks students create their own instruments!

Have an Idea? Design a Curriculum!

From Conflict Resolution through songwriting, to teaching students about American Black History through listening sessions, rhythm workshops and songwriting we have designed a diverse catalogue of programs in partnership with schools and individual teachers.  Let us know if you have an idea you want to try out!

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Songs Recorded During Our School Partnerships

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