Electronic/Hip Hop Programs

July 17, 2012

MVM Electronic Music Camps

A Fast-paced introduction to Hip Hop and Electronic Music open to individuals with or without musical experience that merges technology with music and lyrical expression!

List to select songs from the Electronic/Hip Hop programs:

Since hiphop culture began in New York in the 70s, this radical form of expression has given youth an outlet of creative expression unbound by the confines of more traditional music styles.  The goal of the My Voice Music Electronic Music Program is to empower youth to create hip-hop and other forms of electronic music on their own terms.

Our electronic music program brings youth together to create hip-hop beats, lyrics and music in order write and record original music together as well as independently. The program emphasizes skills that can be learned quickly with little or no background in music necessary.

Students learn skills such as rhythm and tempo, sampling, synthesis, sequencing, arranging, automation, and recording.

My Voice Music provides all the computers and software needed for each youth to have their own laptop during the sessions.

This program is designed to be a weekly or bi-weekly group consisting  of one to ten youth. We need just eight hours of instructional time in order get the groups from start to finish!  This time can be divided anyway to fit our program partner’s needs.

Group schedules can be configured in many ways such as:

Eight – 60 minute weekly groups

Six – 90 minute weekly groups (most popular)

Four – 120 minute weekly groups

Here is a link to a blog featuring our Hip Hop Programs as well as a video of three separate performances by various Hip Hop students:


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