Collaboration Project: AMP band with Bearcubbin’!

March 2, 2018
Luke Hall
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My Voice Music pairs local bands and artists with our students to write and record original music in two short sessions. As part of MVM’s ongoing Collaboration Project, we will highlight a new session every month.

When we were thinking of a band that could pair well with Isaac and Thalo, two of our rockers in the AMP band, Bearcubbin’! seemed like a perfect match. The only problem? They’re no longer an active band.

Enter Chris Scott.

Chris, who played guitars and keyboards for the group, was open to the idea of coming to MVM Studios to work with a couple of students to write and record an original song in two 2-hour sessions. Not an easy task at first glance!

Well, he brought his guitar and keyboard rigs to the space and dove in. In the span of a few hours Chris, Isaac and Thalo went from being complete strangers to creating an almost six-minute-long epic instrumental. Listen to it below!

“My experience with the project was pretty great.  It was a nice experiment to work with unfamiliar musicians in a  dual role as a collaborator and mentor under the time constraints of a day or two to create something we were all happy with and all had a hand in creating.  It was cool to share the way I work in songwriting with others and be open to processes of the other collaborators to get a method we could all share.” – Chris Scott

Music creation is a vulnerable process on one’s own. Add in a mix of folks who don’t know each other across a wide spectrum of age and musical experience, and it can seem daunting. At every collaboration session we’ve facilitated so far, though, we’ve witnessed the shared love of music and creative expression set ideas in motion and bring people together to create not only new art, but lasting memories and life lessons.

Thank you to Chris for your participation in this project and your mentorship of our students!

Bearcubbin’! – “Down Buttermilk Road” from Banana Stand Media on Vimeo.

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