My Voice Music's mission

My Voice Music is a nonprofit organization based in Portland Oregon that engages youth in music and performance in order to promote self-esteem, social skills and emotional expression.


Our mantra is “Write, Record, Release.” The process of writing an original song, recording it in the studio with a band and then releasing it to the public (CD, online distribution, live performance) mirrors what it takes to be an independent recording artist today. Through this method, students from all backgrounds grow as artists, and as confident community leaders.

Read more about this work and our Theory of Change at our PHILOSOPHY page.

What We Do

My Voice Music (MVM) teaches youth to write, record, and perform original songs. As our name suggests, our vision is that all youth have the opportunity to find and share their artistic voice. To this end, we have these awesome programs that reach over 2,000 kids a year!:

MVM Studios is our full recording studio and performance space in SE Portland that is open to the public where music classes, rock camps and recording sessions take place.

Play it Forward Scholarships provide free programs for youth in Foster Care, living in treatment centers and rehabilitation programs.  How? When you pay full tuition, you also pay for a student who needs financial assistance to attend.

Outreach Programs bring all the instruments and instruction to schools, youth centers to run songwriting based music workshops.


Founder, Ian Mouser, while working as a Treatment Counselor for youth in a Residential Treatment center, spent much of his time breaking up fights, and trying to keep kids safe. One day he played his guitar. Youth listened, they let their guard down, they wanted to learn to play music. Ian taught them and they formed a band and performed at their school talent show – they got second place!

During this process of songwriting, rehearsals and performance, these youth, who were days earlier fighting one another, were getting along.  Incidents of violence and major interventions decreased dramatically. Ian was hired to do this work for several years within the agency he worked. In 2008, Ian and a small group of individuals formed My Voice Music in order to bring this remarkable opportunity to youth who would not have it any other way. MVM now serves over 2,000 youth each year!

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Team MVM

My Voice Music is run by a dedicated team of Staff, a Board of Directors, an Advisory Board and many amazing volunteers and supporters.  Click on any of the links to learn more about our team.


MVM has been recognized for having “greatly contributed to bringing music back into the lives of the next generation…fostering personal, social, creative and intellectual development…and transforming marginalized youth.”  by the City of Portland

My Voice Music’s music programs, and consequently our leadership, have been honored both locally and nationally with several awards.  MVM students, parents, partner schools, and treatment centers who have been touched by My Voice Music also have lots to say about the impact of our programs.

You can watch videos, read testimonials and learn about My Voice Music through the perspective of youth, parents, and institutions at our RECOGNITION page.


This is music made by kids but is not kid music…This is potent, passionate, and personal…this is raw and real and happening right now in our own backyard…This is My Voice Music.”  – Matthew Bernstein, Oregon Music News

Read interviews with music magazines, watch local news segments and listen to radio interviews such as on OPB’s Think Out Loud, at our PRESS page.

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My Voice Music, Inc
PO Box 28043
Portland, OR 97228

Studio (by appointment)
3520 SE Yamhill St
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My Voice Music is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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