Song & Story #2, The Beauty I See, with Intro by Pippa Arend

October 4, 2011

Song introduction read by, Pippa Arend, co-founder/Program Director of p:ear.  The Beauty I See was written and recorded by  MVM staff and two youth attending p:ear including the singer, Felicia.


The song, The Beauty I See, is the result of a jam session that My Voice Music’s Director, Ian Mouser coordinated between two of our youth and himself. It is one of nearly ten songs that came out of one amazing jam session. All of it was made up on the spot. The vocalist in this song is the Bob Dylan of RnB and works best in the moment. My Voice Music worked with her for six months, providing her with recording access and back up music when necessary, while she wrote and recorded a demo c.d. To watch her writing process is inspiring. To listen to her sing is breathtaking. This song serves as a reminder that no matter what a person’s situation may be, they often have amazing gifts to share with us all.

The following is what the singer, Felecia, has to say about programs like My Voice Music and p:ear:

“The amount of attention I received working with these programs propelled my confidence in pursuing my dreams. I hope these programs multiply city to city. The absence of music in a musicians life is the absence of food in a belly. We as artists are born with heartbreaking enemies and are mostly misunderstood.  This product is the time and integrity to share our souls.  The gold at the bottom of the pan”

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