MVM Summer Camp 8_2_13My Voice Music offers lessons on guitar, bass, piano, drums and ukulele. All lessons focus on proper technique, music literacy, improvisation, and theory.  

Lessons are held on Thursdays from 3:30-7:30. Currently they are on a drop-in basis at My Voice Music (538 SE Ash St, 97214). Email confirmation 24 hours in advance is requested. First come first served. 

The first lesson is free and, as usual, scholarships are available on an as needed basis. Email us about lessons here:  monica@myvoicemusic.org  

A little about MVM’s Teacher, Tim Sweeney:

“For those of you who don’t know me well, I am a graduate of Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor’s in Music Education. I have always found that the best method for teaching children and young teens music is to utilize the music that they already listen to. I began my musical journey by playing the songs on the radio in a garage with my friends. I was also lucky enough to have a teacher who would show me how those songs were put together and gave me the theoretical understanding that I needed to prepare me for a collegiate program. It is my aim to pass this tradition on to the next generation through this pedagogy.” – Tim

 A Special Partnership with Berklee College of Music’s City Music Network:

My Voice Music has recently started a new relationship with Berklee College of Music’s PULSE program, which is an online platform for young music students to supplement their private lessons. The program covers all corners of the academic musician experience from Harmony to Form, Ear Training, History, Instrument specific Technique and Musicianship. Each topic has introductory videos from Berklee professors, is graded into 4 levels and has assessments through goal oriented games. All content is supplemented with examples from current pop, rock, jazz, multicultural and instrumental music. All of private lesson students will have access to the PULSE program.  If a student chooses to follow the PULSE program there will be an expectation of its continued use throughout our lessons, usually in a “homework” type role.