Big News For 2019

December 21, 2018
Luke Hall
We are excited to announce that thanks to the support of local foundations and hundreds of individual supporters MVM is able expand and deepen our programs in 2019. Two notable new programs are the  launch of an after school program, and providing music and arts-centered therapy at a sliding scale (see below for additional programs and details) .  We will be doing this while working towards, and in preparation of, building a new home in East Portland.


In order to make all this happen, MVM’s Year-End goal is to raise $10,000through the Willamette Week Give!Guide. Currently we have raised $3,700 from 82 separate donors! Can you help us meet this goal and start MVM off on solid footing for 2019?


Click the link below to help us reach this goal.


Learn More About What Your Contribution Will Support In 2019

  • Our students want more studio time!
  • It meets youth and families where they are: The “drop in” aspect allows students who aren’t able to commit to weekly sessions to attend when they are able
  • It will give youth something positive to do during the peak hours (3-6pm) for juvenile crime… and experimentation with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and sex…(the time after school and before parents are typically back from work) (Fight Crime: Invest in Kids report. 2003)
  • We sold out in 2018, and…
  • MVM camps create a place for kids to have fun, experience joy, be silly…oh and WRITE, RECORD, AND PERFORM SONGS!
  • Camp is: “two words…HA-PPY” – previous summer camper
  • We want to increase the number of paying campers who attend so that we can provide even more camp scholarships. (Currently, 85% of all MVM students attend for free.)
  • Our older students are our greatest asset. They show younger campers that youth are capable of great things…musically, and as a part of their communities.
  • Leadership and Job experience shows young people that they can be leaders, and they are capable of creating change in their own lives, and their communities.
  • Exposing people to the practice of mindfulness, and the methodologies of strengths based coaching and trauma informed care can impact the rest of their life profoundly.
  • Many teens and young adults need paid job opportunities in order to afford their basic needs.
Individual and family sessions facilitated by long-time MVM Teacher and Outreach Coordinator, Monica Metzler, who is now a licensed MFT Intern using Music and Expressive Arts to help facilitate many sessions.
  • Access to therapeutic opportunities should be available regardless of financial position
  • Many insurance providers do not cover family therapy. “Family is the most important factor in socialization and developing resiliency in youth.” (Sociology, Dr. Ralph Perrino[1])
At the end of 2017, we announced that an MVM supporter had purchased a building on SE 89 th  and Stark St. and that we planned to renovate the building to become our new Recording Studio and Music Center. Our community rallied around this project and raised $31,000 in a couple of months to help build it out!
The initial vision for our new space has had to change a lot since then due to unforeseen challenges to the project.
Fortunately, as we already know at MVM, creativity reigns. Plans are being developed to build a brand new building on the property that is tailor made for MVM’s needs now, and into the future. As you can imagine, the implications of a building that will be our home for the foreseeable future is a transformational one. As this process develops, we will continue keep you informed. – Stay tuned!
Thank you for your continued support, helping My Voice Music to work with youth regardless of their financial means or backgrounds; based solely on their shared passion for music and songwriting!



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